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"Negative" or excusionary keyword targeting

Jay Allred 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 7 years ago 4

Premise: Advertisers love it when they are featured or mentioned in a business article. LOVE IT.

Problem: Those same advertisers hate it when their competitors' ads appear in or near an article they are in (see above). HATE IT.

Solution: Enable exclusionary keyword targeting that we can apply to ads for competing businesses.

Example: If the words "Century 21" appear in a piece of content, then do not serve ads for "Re/Max". In this case, we would apply the exclusion target on the Re/Max ad. The reverse would be applied to the Century 21 ad.

This would work especially if you're using Google ads. Google doesn't allow their ads on pages they deem goes against their TOS, but they are very quick to brush your pages as "bad" and will turn off your ad-serving. Keywords would be good to help with that as well.

Alternatively, also adding in an option to exclude ads from sections. "ROS, except ..."

Under review

Hi there!

We can do INCLUSIVE keywords now... so you could say, any page with a keyword of "remax" would get a remax ad (for BLOX Ad Manager and Google DFP). As for exclusionary, I will have to ask our dev team about that. :)

But that would mean the ad only shows up on the very few pages with "remax" instead of all the pages without "century21."

Exclusionary definitely seems like it would have wider use cases to me. Will be curious to hear if it is possible in the future.


Right. Remember, the idea here is to set up an ad with a list of keywords that would prevent it from appearing if those keywords are there.

It prevents the awkward look when a Chase Bank's display ad pops up inside an article announcing Huntington Bank's expansion.

That's what I am driving at.