Feature request: Changing how often ads show in Infinity Scroll

Robert Armstrong 7 years ago in BLOX CMS 0

We're using the Infinity Scroll feature now that it supports the sidebar. We also like the fact that we can put ads in this section as well. But this is where we're seeing some issues from a user enjoyment/experience standpoint.

Currently, it injects an ad every 2 headlines. This results in the user being bombarded with ads, sometimes the same one over and over again (if only one ad in the position.) As much as we like visitors seeing ads, too many and they will turn adblock on and we lose out.

Solution: Allow us to change the amount of headlines between ads. This is the same as the option for when to show ads in a gallery setting. We can set it to show every 3 headlines, 5 headlines, 10 headlines, or any whole integer that is put in on the back-end.

Other thoughts: The ability to choose between different ad sizes would be nice as well. Having a "leaderboard" style ad between headlines would also give it a nice look and not take up a lot of space.