Feature request: Drag and Drop - Asset Manager/InDesign

Scott Burden - Tupelo, MS 6 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Marcus Fitzsimmons 6 years ago 3

Our group is using dual monitor setups - it would be awesome to allow us to utilize "drag and drop" from BLOX Total CMS Asset Manager and InDesign. I have my working InDesign document on one screen, and my Asset Manager set to open on the other. Instead of clicking "OK" - it would be convenient to drag the asset (and whatever siblings) directly to the working page.

I'm curious how you got asset manager to stay sticky to a position on the opposite monitor?

We haven't been able to get that to stick in place.

Hi Marcus,

I'm not sure I did anything, haha! When I open the Asset Manager from the "BLOX Total CMS" drop down menu in InDesign - I move that window to the opposite monitor. That's all I've done. So now, when I open it, it automatically opens on the other monitor. We are using Mac OS Sierra.

Might be an OS thing then. Running Ind17 with the 5.12.80 Blox plugin version on Yosemite.

Just call me envious that you can do that with Asset Manager.