We need maps to display in calendar assets when the full address is provided but not linked to a business listing

Jacki Gray 8 years ago in BLOX CMS 0

We need maps to display in calendar assets when the address is provided

by simply filling in all address fields for the venue--NOT JUST with a

venue linked to a business listing.

From what I can tell for the map to show, a venue must be added as a

business in the Businesses Manager. However, the option to search for

the address is not obvious to the front-end user.

So when the user chooses to skip the search--because it's function isn't

obvious to them--they fill in available fields for the location.

3. Generally, the user fills in all of the fields. Since a user has

filled in ALL the fields, I would expect the Google map to

generate--very similar to how it is generated when the business listing

is used. I would think this is also similar to how maps are generated in

our Blox Classifieds. I think Classifieds require a street address and

zip code to generate a map.

This feature would be useful for the end user--generating a map for

readers searching events on Blox Calendars. This would also be useful

for Blox customers that do not manually approve events in Blox Calendar.

In that case, Blox admins aren't approving events and enhancing the

event asset by linking to the business listings. But the end-user still

gets the benefit of having a map to the event.

Can you please tell me if this is an option and how to have it set up?