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In-story ads on longform only

Elizabeth Stephens 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 6 years ago 4

So I've been trying to play with the keyword long_form to have ads specifically targeted for our long-form. We use DFP, and I created pos keyword with long_form. But it's just filling the ad spot and not targeting an ad there. The ad spot is also appearing on all stories, not just long form.

Has anyone tried this with success? Tips? What am I missing?

Have you tried k=full-longform as your key value?Or keyword=full-longform?

It looks like that keyword gets added to the page when you have an article with the long form presentation and the article goes the full width of the page with no sidebar or left bar.

If you have a sidebar or left bar, I don't think there is any keyword added to the metadata to indicate that the article's presentation format, so I don't think you would be able target your ads based on the format.

If you can give me an example URL, I'll take a look at it to see if there's anything that you could use for your targeting.

Interesting. I was relying on Christine's tip of using the keyword from "asset_presentation":"long_form". 

But now I see the instance you mention as well and also a spot where there is a class= article-longform. 

Here's the example I'm looking at: http://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/state_news/new-data-on-an-old-disgrace-missouri-had-second-highest/article_e949c504-5cf9-11e7-a666-dbf1cb6735ae.html


I think I've found the problem with that story not having the full-longform keyword. In the code, it looks like the max number of keywords that will be included is 10.

The list of keywords starts with the ones that you add to the article asset then it puts the "full-longform" keyword at the end. So if you have 14 keywords on the asset, the "full-longform" keyword will be the 15th one in the list. The list gets trimmed to 10 and added to the dfp targeting k value, so the presentation keyword gets lost.

__tnt.ads.dfp.targeting.k = ["lynching","crime","law","criminal law","terror","evan milligan","african american","missouri","community","state"];

<meta name="keywords" content="lynching, crime, law, criminal law, terror, evan milligan, african american, missouri, community, state, politics, legislation, missourian, equal justice initiative">

Try limiting the number of keywords that you add to the asset to 9, and I think the 10th keyword will become "full-longform."

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Thanks Maureen! We should be able to make sure the full-longform keyword is forced to the front as well.