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Paging gallery display options

Graham Archer 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 6 years ago 3

Hey folks, anyone know of ways to further tweak paging gallery display options? For instance, it'd be cool to have the numbers be reversible (count down, rather than up), hide the numbers or make the photo credits have a lower profile (they're pretty prominent). Wasn't sure if those settings existed, but if not, would be a cool one to put on the radar. Be nice if you could just add a #reverse keyword to a collection and have it count down, for instance.

Hey all, I think this would really be a cool feature that I think wouldn't be too hard. Hopefully you can look into it!

Under review

Hey Graham! Thanks for bumping this, I think I missed it before.

Can you give me more info about what the reverse option would provide? Are you doing like Top Ten lists or listicle type things? Can you provide a few examples?


Exactly. If we have a writer rank the teams in a conference every week, or if a entertainment reporter has a list he updates throughout the year of his top 10 movies, it probably makes more sense to count down to No. 1. The current method is great for "25 things to do this weekend" type lists, but counting down rather than up is probably better for a whole host of things, similar to the way the Oscars don't give out Best Picture at the start of the show.

Also, having the option of not showing numbers at all would allow us to just use the more appealing look of paging galleries (larger titles, etc.) in situations when you don't want to number something (we often list "10 places you should visit" type things, but in staying impartial, don't want them to appear ranked ... just grouped as equals).