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Feature Suggestion: URL display in asset creation window

Abby 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 6 years ago 4

I was thinking that it would be beneficial to have a box within the asset creation window where once an asset has been saved, the asset's URL is displayed for easy copy/paste. My coworkers and I are frequently (at least once a day) creating assets which we then email out to our subscribers using Constant Contact. It would be nice to have the URL easily copyable from the asset creation screen, rather than opening a new tab or waiting for the asset appears on the front-end. If the URL were displayed in the asset window, it would save a click!

Good idea abby. As a shortcut from what you are doing now, can you grab the URL from the Tags/Site window of the asset?

I don't see a URL in the tags/site window:

This asset was posted on Monday, so it definitely has a URL. Am I missing something?

Ah sorry, in TotalCMS that area gets populated with a URL once the asset makes it over to hosted.

Under review

Hi Abby!

Firstly, if the story is on hosted, you can always "view live" and get the URL pretty quickly. Though, I could put in a feature request for a little "Copy URL" button (I think we've had this request before).

One idea though - depending on your use case, we actually have a new feature in BLOX Email Reach that allows you to set up a rule (section, flag or keyword - or a combination thereof) and if you save the article, it automatically sends it to a Constant Contact list.

So it might be something like... anytime you have a new Enterprise story in the "news" section, send it to the list! Obviously, it is a really easy process. =)

More information on Automatic Alerts here.