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Trying to add dfp ad unit to top of main container

Matt 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 6 years ago 7

I have created two dfp (simple) blox for a desktop and mobile pencil pushdown. I tested both of these yesterday in the global-container-top-fullscreen region, but I really want them at the top of the page. I took them out of that region, and it shows that they've been added to the top of main container in the utility regions pullout bar. I have saved the layout, however even the placeholder for the blox is not showing up when I preview the site. I also have the Google Publisher Toolbar extension installed, and the ad unit overlay is not showing up there in the live site either. Do I have to enable this utility region somehow before the changes take effect?

Do you want the ad blocks on all pages, section fronts and assets, or do you just want them on assets? The reason I ask is that I believe the utility regions only show up on asset pages, so anything that you put in there would not show up on a section front or the homepage.

That said, I think there is a bug with the Top of Main Container region.

If you just want the ad blocks on the assets and you want them at the top of the page, did you try use Skyline utility region?

I only wanted it on the home page.

Which site style and wireframe grid are you using? And do you want the ad above the nav and masthead? I'm asking these questions to see if I can help you come up with something, not because I have any obvious answers.

To be honest I'm not sure. I didn't set the site up. I'm in ad ops trying to help them get the ad units configured. Ideally the ad would be at the very top with no white space above it. We've got it working at the top, but there's some white space. If skyline would be at the very top we might try that.

Skyline would put it at the very top but only for assets. It wouldn't put it on the homepage or any section pages. Can you give me the URL for your site? 

One thing I've found that may help you is that if you set your Main navigation position in the Page customizations to Static,

 you will get two regions at the top of the homepage. One is front-skyline and the other is global-skyline. I think putting your homepage ad blocks in the front-skyline region may get you what you want in terms of putting the ad at the very top of the page. Of course this means your nav flows out of site as you scroll down the page. I don't know if that's something you want.

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Thanks Maureen for your help as always!

Yes, Utility Regions are one idea, as well as looking at masthead regions.

There are also probably custom optional points where code can be inserted... then in the code we can say if the page is "root" (or, the homepage, essentially), then put this code there. If you're interested in that, please contact our Customer Support (if you haven't already),