Allow users to register while creating a new subscription

Rob Weir 11 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Jay Allred 6 months ago 4

Hi there -- our newsroom has been frustrated for awhile with the logic in the subscription module that requires users to register for the newspaper's website before buying a subscription. It's creating a bit of friction when e.g. we want to give out a complimentary subscription to an advertiser or other user, and is also a difficult workflow for some of our users if they don't get a confirmation email for registration. 

I understand the logic of registration being different from subscription status; and I also understand the internal logic of someone needing a registration before they buy a subscription. However, I'm wondering if the subscription page could be streamlined, either to allow people to register while buying a subscription or to create a user registration record as part of a new subscription (that is, prompt for a username when purchasing a subscription). 

Thoughts on that? 


I agree. I can't tell you how many times someone has said "I subscribed but I don't have access." I check and they only set up a username and password.


Great idea. Most websites allow you to create your user account during the checkout process so it is a process most people would be familiar with.

Yes! I agree on this! This would help us a lot.  We also get people saying they subscribed but don't have access.