Feature Request: Require active subscription to post comments

Kevin M. Cox 2 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Ian McPhee 1 month ago 4

We're seeing a large increase in comment spam lately so I'd like to formally make the feature request for something that I know I talked to support about in the past. We require email confirmation when new accounts are created but obviously the spammers have automated their way around that.

I'd like an option to require an active subscription to post comments on the site. This offers numerous benefits to all Town News customers:

• Provides another perk or subscriber benefit to paying readers.

• Potential to increase Day Pass sales for those who aren't subscribers but really want to share their opinion or comment.

• Reduces comment spam to virtually zero.

I could see it being useful to allow this setting to be toggled per URL/section so that for example you could allow anyone to comment on obituaries but not news stories.

1. All of the items listed above.

2. Every day.

3. Every reader.

Please let me know if anyone has thoughts or questions!



Satisfaction mark by Kevin M. Cox 1 year ago

We're finally rolling this out and have a request for additional granularity:

We'd like the option to enable the ability for non-subscribers to still read comments, while not being able to post without a subscription.

If readers see the discussion they are missing it could serve as another incentive for them to buy a subscription or even just a day pass so they can chime in on a particular article.

If the non-subscriber can't even see the comments being made they won't even know what they are missing.

Kevin, I've asked for exactly this recently! Any updates?