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ad blocker detection under design > page customizations > advertising

Jay Allred 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 5 years ago 3

Can anybody fill me in on how the ad blocker detection / messaging works in BLOX. 

There's a toggle under "advertising", but I'm not sure it even works or what the message says.

Can we control the text in the message or the frequency? How does it work?

We have this enabled... but in my testing, I've never seen it work. I would like to see what it even does exactly.

Me too. Current Google analytics stats show us with between 6 -11% of our traffic using adblockers. I would like to utilize this feature to invite the reader to white list us. Maybe even link them to a landing page with greater explanation. Or to our membership page. 

But there's no documentation I can locate.  

Under review

Hi there!

Our developer is looking into the issue - it could be that it doesn't work with a specific combination of options. Could you submit a job ticket if you haven't already?

But, essentially there are a few options - One is to give them the paywall, and it just looks like a normal paywall. In this case if they logged in, or removed the ad blocker, they would get the content (So, essentially, subscribers would be allowed to block ads).

The other option is just a message. When this triggers it looks like a metering message... but it says something about that An ad blocker in enabled on your site. Please turn it off or whitelist us, etc.

I will get more information as to the set up and make sure our docs are updated. Thank you!