Using the same calendar on multiple sites

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This year, we bought two southern West Virginia newspapers. I would like to add a Blox calendar to the sites. (For our main site, we use CitySpark, so I am not familiar at all with the Blox calendar.) 

The two new papers have their own Blox websites. Because they are only 30 minutes apart from each other, I would like to create just one calendar for both sites, as they will have many events in common. 

Has anyone using one calendar on multiple sites, or is it not possible? 


We have three BLOX sites and TownNews set them up to syndicate calendar events to each other. We have to manually go in and add site tags to the other BLOX websites. But it's really handy when you have multiple websites and you want them to share calendars.

Thanks, Nick.

Could the calendar not live in Site A, and then Site B would just pull in HTML from the Site A block? Would that not work?

That's not the way ours is set up. That way if someone is on site B and wants to add an event they don't have to go to another website. It makes a few extra steps for us but we don't have enough calendar events that it becomes a hassle.

You may be able to create a widget block that you would then put on another website but in my experience those don't display correctly unless they're in a 100% width(of the entire page) region. And most times you don't want them in a 100% width region, you want them in the rail or in the main content region.

We have a community site that folks submit events to and the same calendar is displayed on our radio and also our newspaper site. You might want to take a look at it . 815life.com feeds calendar events to newstrib.com and lcbcradio.com. If someone wants to submit an event however it does bring up the submission form on 815life(not the site you are viewing from). Also, when they want to view additional events it sends them to the community site calendar.

The folks at TN helped us set it up .

Hope this helps.