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Reporter profiles on print and web

jjessee 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 6 years ago 5

In some of our sites, the bylines and taglines for authors differ between the print version and the web version. For example, the print byline in TCMS might by "BY JON DOE / Community News" but the desired byline for the web could be "By Jon Doe of the Community News staff."

Taglines are frequently even more different. A print tagline might be "Contact Jon Doe at jdoe@communitynews.com" while the web tagline might be "Jon Doe may be reached at jdoe@communitynews.com or 800-293-9576. Follow him @jondoe."

Those are simplistic examples. Some of our actual cases are even more different. Our desire would be to have the author field -- which would be the same in both TCMS and BLOX be the key for allowing these to automatically be different in the two channels, even though TCMS would carry the print version over to BLOX.

The idea would be that when an asset arrived in BLOX, the author field (if populated) would automatically place information from the "content" portion of the BLOX user profile into the byline and tagline fields, replacing what came over from TCMS.

This would occur on every bylined, staff-written story in our largest newspaper every day. The time saved would be measured in man hours every day. There's no reason that this work should have to be done manually.

I agree. I started a topic like this a year ago. I never heard anything more about it. But I think it's a no-brainer that when a story goes on the web the byline should default to whatever that user's byline is on the web NOT how it ran in the printed version.


Under review

We have the option to display author information based on the author's user account. So at the top of the article, you display their author info, and then at the bottom, it displays their author bio. If you don't want the print tagline to display, that is also an option. Will that work?

In my experience whatever byline comes from TCMS overwrites the byline in BLOX. I tested this last week just to make sure and that's what happened. The user is still associated but it's as if the byline set in BLOX isn't honored. It defaults to whatever came from TCMS.

If you use the "author" setting, it displays the user information regardless of what is added to the byline.

For example, here is the "both" setting - meaning, it shows the byline (which does get overwritten from print) with an overlay popup for the user's author information: https://flex-showcase.bloxcms.com/news/firefighters-recount-needle-in-the-haystack-avalanche-search/article_81f185ec-c335-5ddc-b4ac-d56801f64533.html?dd

Here is the "byline" setting, which uses only the byline and no author information popup. https://flex-showcase.bloxcms.com/test/byline/firefighters-recount-needle-in-the-haystack-avalanche-search/article_81f185ec-c335-5ddc-b4ac-d56801f64533.html?dd

Here is the "author" setting, which only shows the author info and does not show the byline. https://flex-showcase.bloxcms.com/test/author/firefighters-recount-needle-in-the-haystack-avalanche-search/article_81f185ec-c335-5ddc-b4ac-d56801f64533.html?ddd

As a side note, the tagline is what is showing above the User Reactions... the author bio is what is showing next to the avatar in the author area. You can choose to show it or not, depending on whether it is repetitive information versus the author bio.