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Abusing the Report button

Mike Stickler 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 3 years ago 7
Our city was recently debating a "Fairness" ordinance. We had at least one instance where someone used the report button to get a comment taken down (pending approval/moderation) when it obviously was not abusive. I know I can look at the other properties for the comment and see how many times a comment has been reported, but I would like to be able to see a list of users who reported it. I do not want to see the report button used in this manner and if I see a person doing so would love to block them.
Under review
I think this is a good idea - I will put in a feature request.

One possible workaround - you could increase the number of abuse reports it takes to make a comment go to pending mode. Each abuse report has to be from a separate IP address. So, 3 or 4 reports may be harder fake.
Ahead of you... Set it to two... Did not want to set it too high because I also disabled the profanity filter a few days ago. It was way to inclusive and was blocking almost every comment on the Fairness ordinance protecting individuals with alternative lifestyles.
My life the last couple of days can be summed up by Geoge Carlin's 7 dirty words routine.
Hey Mike,

I would actually very much advise all sites to go through the list of profanity words. In all honestly, several years ago I just found that list of profanity online somewhere, and added it to the site as a good starting point. But, I would very much advise sites to go through the profanity words in order to make sure they meet the expectations of the newspaper.

In some cases it may go too far, blocking words that you feel are perfectly acceptable on a newspaper site. On the other hand, in some cases it may not go far enough, and you need to add things that meet your needs.

For example, there are some words that are basically medical words to describe parts of the anatomy. That may be OK with some papers in some areas of the country, but it may not be appropriate for others.

Also, it may be fully appropriate for some of the "lifestyle" words to be let through - they are not really profanity after all.

So you may want to consider editing it. (Trust me, it makes for some interesting reading.) To do so, you go to settings => profanity filters. You can create a new filter, import/export filters, and even create "white list" word patterns that can go through the filter, even though they contain bad words.

You could also create a "limited" profanity filter and apply that temporarily, and keep the other as a backup (since you can have more than one). That way you still have some of the protection of the filter, but you can be more flexible.
Trust me I read it. Last year the pastor at one of the local churches called to complain that his post was being blocked because it was "profane" ... I did some finagling then and got his post in the system. Then I fired off an e-mail to the management team with a "here's a list of words our profanity filter blocks" ... Priceless. 
of course they neglected to edit the list. 

I just came to make this feature request and see Mike beat me to it by six years! Any progress on this one?

I'd specifically like to see Abuse Reports under the History tab of Comments in the system.

This should include the time the Abuse Report was made and the email of the user who made the report.