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Is there any way to prevent an empty section from creating unwanted space? 

As shown in the screenshots below: masthead-full-top is creating a space in the header that I can't seem to get rid of. Using the inspect element tool in Chrome I can't find CSS to remove the issue, and the section isn't editable itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Image 352

Image 353

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Where is the empty space you're talking about on the live site? Can you take a screenshot into Photoshop and circle the area?


It actually looks like your "blox-ad-position-fixed-big-ad-top-left1" has a bottom margin of 40 which is pushing everything down.


Yep. That's the culprit. I didn't even look at that ad.


If you're talking about the masthead-full-top region having height but no actual content you could do it this way...

#masthead-col-one {

margin-top: -45px;


#masthead-col-two {

margin-top: -45px;


...which would give you this...

If you want to bring the mountains back into view try something like this...

#site-header-container {

background-position50% 30%;