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Scheduling blocks

eeckert 1 year ago in BLOX CMS updated by Paul Crawford 1 year ago 7

I think a nice feature would be a custom option within a block to schedule it for certain times.

We currently have a few blocks that I only have show up on a single day of the week so I manually disable it when we don't need it.  Having something with the block options itself where I could schedule it to enable and disable itself would be great.

Very interesting idea. I can't think of how we'd use it right now though, can you give some examples?


One example is our Athlete of the Week.  I have an HTML block that I put on our homepage every Tuesday morning and then take back down at the end of the day.  

If you could schedule things generally, like this being on Tuesdays, but you could maybe also make it have specific options.

If we are running a contest from the 1st through the 15th, I could make a block that showcases that specifically during those dates and then automatically comes down.

Under review

Hi there!

Are you aware of our layout scheduling feature? It can do what you're looking for... the only downside is that it is a schedule for the whole page, not just one block. So, if you change something on one page, like add a new circulation block, you have to change it in both layouts so they are in sync.

Here is some info about it:


Does that help?


Yeah, I've messed with that a bit, but it's the whole page layout that I'm trying to avoid.  Thinking of the convenience of the single block schedule.


As we approach the next election date here this idea is even more appealing. I'd love to be able to schedule a block to go online at 5 PM and automatically turn off at 2 AM for instance.


One way we would use it is for high school sports scores.  We want the block to show up on Fridays at 7 and disappear on Saturdays at noon. I would also like for my centerpiece news block to turn off on Fridays at 2 and turn back on Saturday at 5 am so I can program entertainment to the front of my site on Friday afternoons.

This kind of departing and weekly scheduled programming is very hard to do when you have to do it all manually.
If I could schedule blocks to turn on and off at certain times, then all I have to do is train the desk to slot the stories. I can schedule the rest myself.  Better yet, I can set a weekly schedule and let it run.

Scheduling of blocks would be very useful to those of us who strive to have a very dynamic and dayparted site that shows readers something dramatically different depending upon what traffic tells us they are looking for without someone sitting literally at 3:58 p.m. and then at 5 a.m. rearranging the site.