Guidance on Facebook API review

Elizabeth Stephens 5 years ago updated by Rob Weir 5 years ago 4

We use Facebook comments, and we have received the request from Facebook to submit for approval. Has anyone started this process? Or is there any guidance available? It shows that we use user_friends, but I can't seem to find a way to show how this is actually used.

I was going to post a topic about this a few hours ago but I decided to I create a support ticket. So I also want to know what we need to include access for.

Thanks, Nick! Let us know what you hear.


This is what TN responded on the ticket:

The commenting plugin does not require any permissions.
The social plugin runs in an iframe directly from facebook.com using an API key to tie it to a given site. It is not an app.

It doesn't seem like anything needs to be approved by Facebook for Facebook commenting.

Well... I guess we'll see if commenting breaks in a couple months. Would make things peaceful at least.