Anyone else getting spammed on form submissions?

Elizabeth Stephens 3 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by W. Rags. 2 years ago 3

We have been getting tons of spam submissions via a feedback form on our site. It's regarding CBD and vaping stuff. TownNews says it's people submitting so a spam filter or recaptcha wouldn't stop it. But just curious if others are seeing anything similar. Ours just started in the last month.


Yes, us too. And apparently there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. We've had to turn off our calendar submissions but that still doesn't stop anything since they are getting in the back door. All of our Analytics are now rubbish, we're getting emails from Google analytics and Bing as they're spotting copyrighted content, and we're getting calls from customers that can't place their calendar submissions. My next step will be to see if we can get at least some sort of refund or lower payments due to the headache this has created. It is atrocious. 

And I should note the two hacked spots. People are creating accounts which in turn is sending email notifications which include nothing but porn and they are also creating calendar items for streaming events. Sadly, those created accounts are also getting used for our newsletter which is creating a bunch of bounces. The worst of it all is, our website does little to nothing for us, it is merely a headache we have to deal with in order to collect the very small amount it makes us.

For a site NOT on Townnews I use a simple "What is Three plus Seven" type form entry, that is generated on the fly.  It passed the question to the form processor which checked to see if the answer is correct.  I don't pass the answer, just the full question.  The 3 words are semi-randomly generated from a list of possible terms.  For one site that was worried they would miss things, I still sent all of the submissions, but if the answer was wrong, it changed the subject to "[suspect] Rest of subject here" instead of the "Rest of subject here" subject it normally sends.

How to do this on Townnews, I don't know.  It should be fairly simple for them to come up with a system that requires someone to answer a semi-random question.  This will foil most bots these days.