scrolling ticker for quick news flash reporting

Ricky 3 weeks ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 2 weeks ago 6

Give us a scrolling blox that we can do quick post of short term information without having to put together a complete story asset. This would solve the issue of posting just a quick short news flash that would require a user to click to view a short news brief.
Examples would be:
UN-planned road closings due to water main breaks, accidents, down trees.
School closings.
Breaking news stories with more detailed information to come.
Live sports updates (mostly local high schools).
Live weather updates for road closings.
Fugitive and/or jail breaks.

The Breaking News and Weather Alert blox use to have a scroll feature but it has since been removed and replaced with a story title scroll with limited character spaces.

I really like this idea.   We'd be using this too.

Would be great to be able to assign different blocks to different pages.  i.e. Sports, Weather, News, Traffic, etc.

Perhaps a choice of an icon (alert, video, weather) fixed on either side.

Would also be nice to have a limit on text (truncation) and ability to include links.

So how would it work? Is it a new type of asset? Or is it a block that only scrolls the headline from an Article asset and doesn't link through to the article page?

It potentially could be both.  But I think just a new BLOCK would work.  That way, you could use the query to scroll more than one headline if necessary.   The block could have options to display a related image (similar to the breaking news block) and an option to link to the sourc article (or not).

it would work similar to the scrolling lower 3rd on news channels like FOX, CNN, Newsmax, etc....

No, I mean on the backend. How do you envision feeding the scroll?

Kevin M. Cox

Using current method of adding assets, you can just place text in title field. No copy would be necessary because this is for quick short limited time information. The asset would then have a flag id of "Ticker" to let blox know which assets to include. No image or link to article. Just quick to the point information. Example would be:

"Court house is closed due to plumbing until tomorrow."....... "Accident on highway 22 has road closed"...... Covid shots are being given at Health Department until 4:00 p.m. today.

Each asset would be set to delete at a set time.