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Thanks for the update! Hope we can comply without this becoming a time-consuming and costly burden.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the details but right now I don't share my upsell revenue (after the credit card processing and TN fees). And  we have never even sold close to $249 in one month to our audience at super-low rates.  I do think the Evvnt calendar does offer more functionality and features but I'm not prepared in this environment to give up any revenue or the flexibility of embedding events into articles and newsletters.

You would need to look in your Constant Contact account for that info.

We have also been hit with the same spam about sporting events and other live programs.  We've also had to disable user article submissions as well for the same reason. This all means that the legitimate registered users can't edit or change their submissions, creating even more work for us. 

Hope you can implement Chase's recommendations.

Yes, our customers who purchase sponsored posts (which are much more in demand than banner ads these days) would like to preview their posts before publication. We used to have it when we were on WordPress. Currently, I send them a PDF generated when I select Print on an article preview. It's gives them an idea of what to expect but falls way short of a preview.   

Hi. Our sponsored post products range from about $59 each to $299, with the more expensive options including front-page placement as well as promotion on social media,

Hi.  Our Sponsored Posts have continued to increase in popularity as demand for our direct-sale banner ads remains flat or weaker than in recent years. We've had some luck monetizing one of our calendars to promote real estate open houses.

What has not worked our business directories or classified-type of advertising. 

We ended up keeping our Tockify calendar because the TownNews calendar is a bear for readers to use and requires registration. We also don't want to get stuck inputting events for them.

You can embed Tockify on any page or in individual articles. We use it for community events for free but sell spots to real estate agents and brokers on our Open House Calendar version.