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Hi Allen.

That might be an export we do that doesn't include the date. We have several different exports we use, so try the one I'm attaching here (0108export.txt) and see if that works for you.




Hi Allen.

Within the calendar section in BLOX, you can decide what calendar entries you want to include in the export, then there is an "Export" option in the main window under "Search results" where you can choose the template to export the entries into.

You will then be prompted to save or open the exported text file.

I don't recall finding much in the help site, so you might just have to play around with it a bit to get a feel for it.


Thanks for that information, Christine. I've got a dialog open with our sales manager Phil Pracht and we're currently looking at the other solutions you offer, namely Disqus.

In looking at our analytics over the last month or so, we have a similar 39% iOS/4% Mac user base. Though I'm sure most of those users never comment to begin with, so wouldn't notice any issues.

I agree with everything you said, we had a hope that the commenting would be more civil through the Facebook plugin and while it is an improvement from some of our past experiences with anonymous comments, it's no magic bullet. On the other hand, we've also seen a decrease in commenting on GazetteXtra over the last few years. We have the usual 10-12 users that comment regularly, but otherwise it's a lot of one-off comments, much of the time to stir the pot.

In the last week, we recorded 56 comments on GazetteXtra (plus 41 spam comments) while comments on our Facebook page numbered 819. Clearly, people are more engaged with discussion and comments on Facebook itself.

I look forward to seeing if you're able to pull any further information from Facebook as to why they decided to let this bug go and not address it.


Right??! The only thing I can think of is that they are either suspending development on the comments plugin at some point in the near future or they just can't be bothered to fix something they probably aren't making any money on.

When I saw your comment on the ticket, I thought maybe they'd take it a little more seriously since the Post-Dispatch is in another universe from us as far as number of users and visibility, but that didn't seem to have any effect.

It really is quite unbelievable.

Thanks for the response, Christine.

However, I don't see an option to tell a block to display an item based on time (display an item less than two hours old). The only option I see is based on start date with no option for time.

The same goes for archived time query rule which has an option to set a date but not a time within that date. I could set an archive date/time on an article asset (e.g. two hours from publication/start time), but the query rule would only look at the date and therefore would not display the asset.

It seems that the scheduled pinned asset would be the best option for us, though would require going into the block editor every time we want to use the block.


I like that idea even better!

You also make a good point in your original ticket that having a timing element on the block would still exclude that story from appearing elsewhere on the page (or site) if said flag is still attached. An auto-expire on a flag would be ideal.