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Folks, just another quick question since we've been discussing this internally. Does the breaking news block at the top of this page fill the need well enough?

It's not the old school marque effect, but it slides nicely from asset to asset.

Joe Hansen

TownNews Solutions Support Engineer

Hi folks, just wanted to chime in. This is one of those types of general requests that would come to me in my new role and I'd build it custom for your site. Then if it was popular enough, it might be promoted into core. I'm also happy to work with anyone who would like to learn how to build something like this for their own site, because that is also something you can do.

--Wade, specifically, if you are comfortable with HTML/CSS/JS, you can get what is called UTL/Template access for your site and have complete access to customization.

However, I'm looking through all the requirements here and it's pretty much just a standard "old" ticker that used to be everywhere, then went away with new "modern" ui.

I'm going to put this on my list of play projects, when I have something to show for feedback I'll post a link for folks to comment on.

Joe Hansen

TownNews Solutions Support Engineer

Nic, we have a new deep analytics platform called Data Insights that provides this data as well as a great deal more. You can get some information about it here or contact your sales representative to get a demo of the product.

Great suggestion Jerry, I've already submitted a development ticket for this. I'm envisioning two settings, one for who can view and one for who can post. Three options: anonymous, registered, and subscriber on both. This will only work for Blox Comments (not 3rd party comment platforms) and will require subscription information to be part of Blox, not a 3rd party integration where they handle the user accouints.

Hello Jesus, we are still working through this. We've had a lot of rounds with legal folks to arrive at what will hopefully be a straightforward solution. We're hoping to partner with a company called OneTrust for the consent pieces, we'll have a canned form you can customize to address your Data Subject Requests, and I would recommend updating your privacy policy. We will have some samples of that as well. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

You'd have to have someone on your staff that is comfortable working with UTL and building custom macros and templates.

We weren't able to build out a full elections platform in time for the primaries, but we were able to come up with a package from AP that could be useful. Check out the details here and contact your sales rep if you are interested.

I'll also say that we do have some open tickets in the backlog to create staff blocks from users. It will depend on adding some additional data to the user object and then new block templates. No ETA on when it would be completed, as it's been in the backlog for some time.

Back when I was still on the front lines, this was a format I came up with for my group of papers. It relies on an array of data and a few custom blocks, but provides for nice organization.

Thomas, there aren't any examples any more, but basically it was a fairly complicated and difficult to set up system that was based on sports stats. The goal of this product would be something simple and very focused, as well as something that can be updated programmatically if you have a local dev.