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Brad, we already FTP into job folders directly from Photo Mechanic for adding photos into Total CMS.

I had discussions years ago about having an author automatically assigned through these jobs and was told it wasn't possible. If you've got that figured out I'd love to know.

I also have an open issue about how uploading photos through Jobs doesn't respect our global setting for sales (they always default to Automatic even when we're set to Disabled by default). Maybe I didn't get the memo that they corrected it as well?

I was a photographer before moving into my current role and still do most of our pro sports coverage, so I spend more time dealing with photos and collections as an "end user" than any other aspect of the system. Which means the inefficiencies here annoy me more than any others.

Oh ya! How did I not even notice that this issue will still exists, it ties right into my post above.

The main place we will use "greater than 25" item manipulation is photo galleries, and adding individual photos into a collection asset is a big one of those things that takes too many repetitive actions.

Some big progress has been made on this very old feature request. For anyone who missed this morning's webinar, go give it a watch to get caught up:

This new batch edit functionality sounds great for very large jobs. However I'm worried there is no middle ground.

By far the largest use case, for us but I imagine others as well, is the ability to batch edit more than 25 assets, but not thousands, with normal real-time speed.

For example: A photographer files 53 photos from a high school football game for a gallery, on deadline. Right now that requires three separate batch edit operations to add themselves as the author, change the reprint status, edit the start time, etc. We need this to be done in one batch operation (which will reduce the number of clicks needed by two-thirds) and we need it to happen immediately.

It seems like we need functionality and permissions for a user to edit more than 25, but not thousands. Like 100 is fine for anyone, but don't let them do thousands of assets without the new permission assigned.

Just ask support. Town News built it for us as part of the transition from Zen to Flex templates a few years back. Our readers freaked out when they initially lost that functionality from the old site.

Ian, this doesn't get you to exactly what you want, but we've got a custom comments block that allows readers to see the latest comments across the site:

It sounds like this could work. Most of our collections are related to specific events and not things that are continuously updated past a day or two. So for us using the slug (with * wildcard) as the filter will be crucial. But I could see this expanding our options and potentially allowing for other uses we haven't thought of yet.

1. Good

2. For all our existing uses we'd want oldest first, with new things added to the end, telling the story of an event chronologically as a users scrolls through.

4. Always good, but how does that look in the back end? Would you be able to see all the assets that fit the criteria in the BLOX Editorial editor?

6. Being able to define a specific teaser would be good.

We'd probably be OK with the upper limit on standard galleries. There are only a handful of times we've gone over 100.

In contradiction to your last thought, we'd probably use the dynamic galleries for "short, specific stories that should be closed after a time" since the main reason we want them is to auto-populate during big hectic events.

What about an option to convert from Dynamic to Standard later on? For instance we create a dynamic gallery at the start of the hurricane/flood/shooting event so it can go live immediately and be automatically populated with images as photographers transmit remotely. Then once the event is over we want to freeze it as-is and insure that we don't accidentally have new, unrelated images get added based on the filters we selected (e.g. reuse of a keyword)?

Thanks Joe. Welcome aboard and I'm glad to see you active on the community here as I've been catching up on old posts today.

Sounds like a good feature addition to me.

I'm on 2.22.1-1 and the appliance reports no available updates (beta or general). TCMS interface is still on the old style BLOX interface, not the updated one.

Searching release notes on show no newer releases:

Yes 100%. Correct past dates but don't spoil future schedules.