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These options work, but don't overcome the problems mentioned in my old thread which is why I still think it is a better solution:

What we really want is a way to not simply stop displaying a breaking article, but have that particular article no longer be flagged as breaking after a period of time.

I suggested dealing with this from the other side, auto-expiring the breaking flag after a set period of time, four years ago.

Thanks for paving the way for the rest of us Robert and digging out these details.

Employees do not use it here and never have.

Please do, the loss of the feature is a big step backwards (from the usability perspective of a regular editorial employee trying to click all the right buttons on deadline) in my opinion.

Still looking for an answer to this one since it didn't get answered in the webinar:

TL;DR: I want the old functionality back that allowed only specific channels to show in the Editorial Asset side-panel depending on the Section that asset is in.

What about just switching it back so the site is at the front?

I agree that Images and PDFs are the worst as far as being much more similar now than before.

The others all seem like logical enough changes if a change had to be made.

But even with most of the other icons looking pretty distinct they don't "read" as fast being monochrome as they did in color. But maybe we won't feel that way a month down the road.

The first issue I'm noticing is that the old function allowed restricting certain Social Broadcast "channels" to specific Sections/URLs on the site.

For example, we have a handful of Twitter accounts and previously I had it setup so that only articles in the /sports/ section could be broadcast to our sports twitter account.

I don't see that option in Notifier so not only does it clutter and complicate the display for users it presents the opportunity for business stories to get broadcast on our sports only Twitter feed.