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Checkout Christine's reply in this topic:

It looks like it might solve this issue, but she hasn't confirmed it.

I've never seen private mode get around the paywall, it is what I use to test how things look to non subscribers.

But as Robert mentioned, the method is dead simple for anyone to use, and that tip is now making the rounds in public here as well.

In my opinion any method that allows access past the paywall needs to be fixed.

Wow, that is pretty dang simple for anyone to use.

Ouch. Somewhat on topic, we had to put a "Real Name" policy in place back in 2015 when comments started getting out of hand, it really helped:

This is a good idea. We typically don't let people know a comment was denied though and we rarely get questioned about it because I think for the most part they know why already.

Sorry I missed this. Yes that is what we've done in the past. I guess I need to test it and make sure nothing has changed as far as the user experience.

That looks very promising, thanks for the update Christine.

Will one of the scheduling options be "at the asset Start Date/Time" for when the person creating the notification doesn't know if an editor will move it later? If so it sounds like that will mitigate the problem from my other post today (Ticket 644051).

Also I assume that if someone schedules a notification for prior to the Start Date/Time the system will be smart enough to hold it until then and not broadcast something that results in a 404 page?

We need the same for most of our photos which is why we use FTP upload into the system. It has has the benefit of being much faster.