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Is the slide deck from this webinar avaialble to download?

Haha, I just came to post this feature request after the webinar yesterday and see I basically wrote the same thing a few months ago.

But since I already typed it...

A feature request based off yesterday’s webinar.

It would be great if the Social Broadcast tools could have some scheduling based fine tuning. A few off the cuff ideas:

• Time between broadcasts: e.g. Don’t push broadcasts faster than every X minutes. Queue up additional broadcasts for assets with similar start times and then push them every X minutes to social. (The stories will be live on the site, but social won’t get broadcast right away.)

• Social Broadcast blackout windows: e.g. Don’t push broadcasts between the hours of 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM. Any assets that go live on the site during this blackout window would be queued up and then sent starting at 6 AM.

Let me know what y’all think.

That does makes sense, thanks again Nick.

Great answer Nick. Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately Town News support is telling me that customers are not allowed to have access to that interface. So of course, I've gotta ask, how'd you get it?

Any thoughts here Christine?

Support said that if I send them the info they can add the person back. If there is a way for me to access Constant Contact and do it myself that would be great.

Mike did you setup this member center integration?

A big factor will be wether you want the chat to only work inside your building or also work externally.

We're still using good ol' AIM, mostly because that is what we've been using for 10 years and it does most of what we need. That said we'll be switching everyone over to Cisco Jaber when we upgrade our UCM in a few months.

If you are on Macs you could get an OS X Messages server up and running for $20.

For spell check we use Tansa which is spell check on steroids. It also checks for AP and local style using a shared library on the server. It gets AP style updates automatically and if our ME adds an unusual spelling (person's name, street, etc.) then everyone on staff gets the updates all at once. It goes beyond simple spell check by also flagging questionable words like "pubic" (which is a valid spelling) to make sure it is really what you meant to type. It works in web browsers, Word, InDesign and InCopy.