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I've got that as well. Maybe it is just because we're in the TCMS setup phase and I'm switching back and forth between the two a lot.

That said, the interfaces are different colors once you log in I would assume for exactly this reason, so it seems logical to make the login screens slightly different as well.

And if all we're talking about is the page background color, it is literally just a few seconds to add the background color tag to the CSS right?
Hey Patrick,

I just wanted to see if there was any progress here. Every time we have a big developing news story or major weather event we run into the issue that could be solved by this new sort rule.

Yes we have had several complaints of the same issue, also on our Letter to the Editor form.

I've had trouble recreating it the error on my end.
I like the "Are you sure..." option Nick.

You're absolutely right on the copy/paste. Except in breaking news situations our staff doesn't write inside the BLOX window.
The Watch feature sounds like a good option.
Will do, updating this for clarity in the ticket I open.

1. We want this (Page title: from the Edit URL/Page properties):

To be what determines the text that shows up in the footer below articles, Posted in ___, such as here:

So instead of reading "Posted in Free" it would be "Posted in Free News."
Big thumbs up. I've actually had this in as a feature request since December 1, 2014. (Ticket # 571035)
1. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that way.

Use this article as the example:

You can see it is posted in /news/free/.

When you visit the display name at the top simply says "News" as we have set in the URL page properties.

However the footer on the article still only says "Posted in Free."

This would actually be the ideal solution to 1. Editing the section title should logically change the way that section title is displayed in other places, like the footer. Feature request?

2. OK, I’ll open a ticket on this one.
Looking forward to it.
Good to hear since we'll be adding TCMS soon.