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Patrick, unfortunately that is not the behavior we are seeing in operation. You can take a look on our site at:

Any update to an article floats it to the top of the list even if “Important Update” was NOT checked and even though it retains a “Posted:” date years in the past.

Excellent. However it seems a big omission is the OG Description tag. Could this be added?

On Twitter, there seems to be some conflicting information in the linked documentation.
"Once you have your Twitter account you need to make add the twitter_account URL custom property to the root URL."

However following the twitter_account link is a custom property listed under Site settings.

Should this custom property be set in Site Settings or on the URL or both?
We're not using TCMS, but this seems like a really solid idea.
Bumping this because it is very important to us and I would assume helpful to others as well.
I'll second this request, it would be helpful.
I think the documents created by Muse rely heavily on CSS and Javascript so those references are most likely getting stripped out by BLOX.
Any thoughts on this one?