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OK thanks, I'll open a ticket to confirm we're in the clear before turning the feature on.
Thanks Christine, I had a feeling I had seen it before but searching the documentation didn't pull up the results I needed.

Also good to know the help text is out of date and we don't need special templates installed to use the feature.
I think I'd prefer no related videos at all. No reason to give viewers an easy exit away from your own content.
And a follow-up: What if I want to see assets that are ONLY in certain sections.

So in your example I only want to see results for articles that are exclusively in those two sections. If there is an article in News, Business and Sports I don't want to see it in the results.

Basically a search that says, the assets is in these but not these.
Awesome Brad, but are things like that documented anywhere?

I still contend a way to do it in the GUI will be necessary for average users to utilize the functionality. I can't count on my copy desk to remember or reference parameters like that for example.
Awesome workaround for the first request, thanks Jason.
Thanks Christine, I'll pass this on to our template access guy next week.
I'd also like to see some other more advanced functionality in the search pane. For example:

Right now if I run a search and under Sections check boxes for both news and education I get all results that fall into either section. What I really need is the ability to toggle the behavior to only show me results that fall into BOTH Sections.
Yep, the very bottom of this form has it:

The Terms section is simply an empty Fieldset with the name and description filled out.
I could see something like this being very helpful. Especially if it would allow us to segregate administrative access between those who can post/edit announcements and those that can post/edit editorial content like articles.