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That looks very promising, thanks for the update Christine.

Will one of the scheduling options be "at the asset Start Date/Time" for when the person creating the notification doesn't know if an editor will move it later? If so it sounds like that will mitigate the problem from my other post today (Ticket 644051).

Also I assume that if someone schedules a notification for prior to the Start Date/Time the system will be smart enough to hold it until then and not broadcast something that results in a 404 page?

We need the same for most of our photos which is why we use FTP upload into the system. It has has the benefit of being much faster.

Definitely an option, but one more site/service that has to be maintained. It be so nice if there was an integrated option from Town News.

Our photographers (and magazine creative director) are mostly using FTP or SMB to batch upload photos.

For times when I do batch upload photos in the browser I then use the Batch Edit functionality to apply the needed slug.

Bumping this because it is still a great idea.

I've got Ticket #706774: FR: Email Reach selectively to subscribers, non-subscribers or both open for this request with the following text:

So this was a request I first posted about almost four years ago but either I never made a formal feature request or I just can't find the old ticket.

We'd like the ability within Email Reach to have emails go to everyone on the list, just current active subscribers or just non-subscribers.

If the system could evaluate subscriber / non-subscriber status dynamically at send time it would prevent anyone from having to maintain a constantly changing list.

1. A few possible uses for this feature:

• Allow newspapers to run an exclusive "members only" email newsletter.
• Target certain ads (or subscription offers) to one group or the other.
• Tailor the articles displayed to help entice Day Pass sales, highlight the benefits of being a subscriber or thanking current subscribers.

2. Potentially on a daily basis.

3. Every reader of the site.



I'm not sure how many reporters here would use it, but I like the idea Ian.

This has come up again in discussions here at the newspaper as a feature we'd still like to have.

Thanks Christine, I appreciate the details on the process/thinking.

Our circulation department would like an easy to integrate store as well for these same types of items.