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BLOX Notifier rolled out today, so the Broadcast area is now called Notifier.

There is a webinar about it next Thursday:

Just got an update to my ticket that this is now available, it seems to be working just fine on our site.

Thomas, look at my reply up higher from two weeks ago, they showed me a way to stop that.

I was speaking about my newspapers specifically. Here all photos have unique cutlines, photographers don't turn in anything with generic information.

For example here is a gallery of 92 photos shot, captioned and transmitted on deadline:

I'm not saying the feature wouldn't be useful to anyone, just that for us, I don't want the batch editing of more than 25 items to get hung-up by new features.

All I'm asking for is the ability to use the existing batch edit functionality on more than 25 assets at once. Bringing headlines and cutlines into the mix is adding new batch edit functionality that doesn't already exist and I don't want the two requests getting tied together.

1. A "mass" batch edit, this sounds great, I could use this today to fix some things so it can't come soon enough.

2. Again, can't get here soon enough. Infinity scroll works but I'd just take being able to see see a larger number of results in specific increments if that is easier/faster to implement.

I'm personally not worried about batch editing headlines and captions, that isn't something we need. Headlines for a group of photos (from a sporting event) are always going to be the same for us. There is no way our photographers would ever have the time to write unique headlines and what would they write anyways? I could see unique headlines from community submitted photos in a gallery though. Conversely cutlines are always going to be unique.

For us the ability centers more around moving (attaching) the assets or changing metadata: Sections, Keywords, Flags, Reprints Yes/No, Start Times, Workflow, etc. Not the actual content of the assets.

I agree, it is a pretty standard UI element and sorely missing from BLOX.

I'd be happy even if we were limited to picking between increments of 25 for the results (25, 50, 75, 100, etc.) but at the same time if I want to only see 37 results why not let me specify that as well.

And to be clear, not limited to the original topic of this post about the Batch Edit utility, these result increments should be available across the entire BLOX interface.

I've had a feature request open to do just this for over four years now with no end in sight unfortunately...

There is a way this could be setup now although native functionality would be ideal.

You could create a "post-by-email" content importer and then have the web form send the email to this address.

Thank you Christine. And I understand if the issue won't totally be fixed until after TotalCMS catches up with the BLOX releases from hosted a couple months later.

The template developers made a change to remove the delay so the paywall message now pops up immediately.