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Hi Christine! So, for example, we have several freelance reporters who user BLOX to create a new article and save it, without that article being directly published. We have a workflow setup, assigned to a specific freelance user group, that places the article into a review and approval state, so an editor can review the article before it is published. Unfortunately, I can't assign this workflow as a "default" for this user group. Currently, when I create a user account for a freelance reporter, I need to login to that account and setup that initial workflow for them in the preferences. In addition, there's always that concern that they could change or disable the workflow... if they wanted to create mischief. Let me know if you need any other specifics.

Being able to set a default workflow for a specific user group is something that we would highly request as well.

Hi Jenna! The Facebook Comments Plugin is going to be connected to a Facebook for Developers account. You would need to find out what Business or Profile has access to that account in order to add moderators or moderate comments. (P.S, I am a BLOX CMS user... I don't work for TN.)

2 features that we would love to see on Poll assets as well!