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This is something similar we requested about 10 months ago. It would be nice to have something this easy to build our staff pages out.

We have three publications that are doing sponsored content. The Bend Bulletin has been doing it for a while and they have a section for it and it's posted to the front top of their articles (circled in red) - not sure how long it is displayed in that area. 

The other publication that just started last month was The Astorian. They have a section dedicated to the sponsored content and a carousel of the sponsored content on the front of the site. Each advertiser gets a landing page and overall there are topic pages. There's also a print component to this and social media. 

Capital Press our agricultural publication has been doing it for a while, but it's more in the form of paid press releases. They get their own section and there's a carousel on the front of the site. 

Here's the advertising contact for each of the publications if you want to ask questions on that side.

Bend Bulletin - Cody Hooper, Digital Sales Manager -

The Astorian - Kari Borgen, Publisher -

Capital Press - Kevin  Blodgett, Advertising Director -

Hope this helps.

Thanks Joe. I do like the look of the staff directory. Great to hear it's already on the radar!

Thank you for the examples. Love the newsletter page. I'm hoping someday there would be a way to pull in staff user account information and build out a nice, but easy staff directory page since all the information is right there in their user account.