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+1 on the request to make Table assets more robust. To me that includes style options for tables in the text fields of other assets. 

A tip for the meantime: check out

Great free map and table builder that (almost) anyone can use. No HTML required. 

One thing we’ve found to be helpful is using RSS to search. You can use something like Google Sheets and =IMPORTFEED. Here’s an example:

You can keep a running list of frequently used queries on sheet 2 and just copy+paste into the top cell on sheet 1. (Yes, there are definitely cleaner ways to do it.) 

Not an exact answer to your question but it can make sifting through searches a bit cleaner. 

Bonus shortcut to write the queries: just search on your BLOX site, then copy the URL and replace “&f=html” with “&f=rss” 

Here's what the link shows, in case the position has moved: 

Thanks very much Maureen. That homepage position looks great. 

1. Have you guys ever experimented with bringing the advertorials inline? Similar to this

2. I'm interested in how you handle inventory. Would love to take you up on the offer to talk to someone over in sales/advertising. I'm carl @ appenmediagroup . com 

Whoops, I misread your question. I did not mean, "Yes, this is something you are already paying for," I meant, 'Yes, this is a paid product."  

Yes it is - ask your sales rep for info. Couple hundred $$, depending on how many contacts you have. 

A small example: we'd like to experiment with a dedicated "Promoted News" block on newsletters where folks can submit an asset and buy placement on the email with an upsell. 

Right now we're testing something similar for new home listings- blocks on newsletters and inline articles where folks can buy placement with an upsell. (That one is via Ad-Owl) 

Had never thought about it but you're right. No way to not use the related images as previews. 

Another workaround if you want to still publish the images: could manually add a stock/house photo as a teaser every time.

For sure. We'd use it. Similar to how other previews display as a mosaic, but a single image. 

Digest looks great. About the best BLOX one I’ve seen.