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Any idea how much closer this is to being released?

Did you included fixed-big-ad-top-asset, fixed-big-ad-middle-asset and fixed-big-ad-bottom-asset? I have those three and automatic-ad-asset. I think the first three load and then the automatic ad loads if there are enough paragraphs. I'd like to look at the page source to see how it compares to mine.

I don't have any AdSense ads on my site but I do have TownNews iQ ads and they load. When I first set it up no more than three ads loaded until I created an ad block and put in the actual block ID number in the page customizations. I missed those steps originally.

You can through the Statistics > Analytics section.

Basically you run the report you want it to send and then click "Create Saved Report." From there you can tell it who to send it to and when to send it to them.

I figured out the problem. This is so awesome!

One problem I'm seeing is a "File Not Found" error. I think I've only ever seen it in the last ad of a story. I'm attaching a screenshot.

But this is a great addition to the FLEX system! I love it!

I've tried to set this up on our website but it doesn't look like anything has changed. These are the settings I've changed...

Paragraphs between automatic ads: 5

Automatic ad block ID: fixed-big-ad-top-asset

We also have a fixed-big-ad-middle-asset and a fixed-big-ad-bottom-asset. How will those be affected? I'm assuming they will go away and it'll just be fixed-big-ad-top-asset that loads over and over until the story ends.

Yep. That's the culprit. I didn't even look at that ad.

If you're talking about the masthead-full-top region having height but no actual content you could do it this way...

#masthead-col-one {

margin-top: -45px;


#masthead-col-two {

margin-top: -45px;


...which would give you this...

If you want to bring the mountains back into view try something like this...

#site-header-container {

background-position50% 30%;


Where is the empty space you're talking about on the live site? Can you take a screenshot into Photoshop and circle the area?