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that setting appears to be site-wide I take there are no options to only IP whitelist portions of the site?

We should really lump into this issue the search/saved notification emails that go out when you save a search result.

These emails have no branding, nor customization options either.

I'm the other person who noticed this issue and jumped onto the ticket with you... I'm feel like I've been smacked upside the head with a mackerel, that response from Facebook left me floored. I have to assume that somebody at that end mis-read the ticket.... I can't believe they're just going to drop support for all things Apple.

They're finding your website because the spammers have discovered that BLOX websites have this issue.

It's pretty easy to find all websites that share a common IP address. Do a google search for "find all websites on ip"

Use one of those websites and put in your website domain... you'll see all/most of the other BLOX sites in the same datacenter.


while you're waiting for the admin panel to include NOT searches you can do the same thing with a structured query in the text box... for example: -flags:web_only AND flags:editors_pick AND -flag:ap

returns all assets that are editor's picks but aren't web only or ap

See for some ideas (This page is not BLOX specific.)

Food for thought 

What happens the first time you have to ban a subscriber for being a world class troll/stalker, won't they just turn around and insist on a partial refund now that part of the feature set of their subscription is no longer available to them?

Actually branding panel may not be good enough. We heavily customize our outgoing newsletters with a hero image at the time and we'd like to be able to do the same thing with the saved notifications, for that matter we'd like to be able to customize them with additional content and blocks on the page... ads on the email (DFP simple tags, or LiveIntent) would also be something we'd be interested in.