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Yes, yes, yes. The workflow thing is a huge issue for us, and I got the same response in a ticket about "working as intended."

I also have editors that basically have a never-ending box about an asset that no matter what they do, it doesn't go away. 

I did some major staff training on this issue to try to avoid unpublished assets and lost edits that have helped, but I agree that there is bug in the way this works.

This is good to know. Thanks, Christine!

Yes to this. 

But also, has anyone worked with any of the third-party options and gotten those to work with TownNews?

Thanks for the clarification Christine. I guess when I read the release notes, it sounded like it was all on the sites to move forward on their own. If we want to move forward with the wrap and such, do we put in a ticket? How do we go ahead with this?

This is great! Thank you so much. Probably should have reached out to you earlier as I was in the back and forth with support.

We aren't going to turn off DFP for our whole site, so I don't know how we'd reach compliance without creating something different. But maybe I'm misreading this.

So I've read the guidance sent in last week's release notes. But we'd basically have to build a new site. Anyone going to make an attempt at doing it on their own?

I'm coming back to this. We have an issue with Parsely creating a second entry for our stories. We've found that the urls have ?amp at the end. I've gone through several rounds with TownNews support, and we've even switched to using their AMP service. But we can't find where this is registering.

Now I'm wondering if there is a way to get Parsely to just record only by UUID. Has anyone tried that?

The discrepancy I discovered last week was in the thousands for an article, so I'm trying to sort that out. I'm not sure I want to give up titles in URLs, but if I can adjust the tracking code for Parsely to track by UUID that would make it easier.