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Not sure if you are open to changing your comment provider, but we made the jump to WorldTable last week. We were on Facebook comments before, and this is a huge improvement. They also offer what's called the community table that aggregates the comments with links to the story. We haven't implemented this on our site yet, but here's an example:

That would be great. We would love to use it for the reason you mentioned — dates not getting updated. BUT we also try to time out our posts strategically so we would want future dates ignored.

I tested to answer my question above about the reset start time setting. It does override a future start date, so it's not something we can implement.

In our case, I clicked "save and send," moved it to our copy desk. The asset was set to publish at 7 p.m. and the social posts for 7:15 p.m. The asset was sent to a published workflow by 3:45 p.m. I can put in as a ticket if that would help.

On the reset start time setting, if it is an article that we are setting for a later publication time 6 a.m. Tuesday, for example, would it reset that? I really like the idea of this setting because start time is a constant battle for us, but it doesn't help if it overrides content we are scheduling for future publication.

I wondered about this as well. I scheduled a Facebook and Tweet for a story that was to publish at 7 p.m. It still had to go through our copy desk, but the notifier message stayed in draft after publication.

Jack, I sent a query email yesterday. I'd love to do a call/demo. Thanks!

Thank you. I found where the Daily Herald is using it, do you have any other sites using it that I could take a look at?

Christine — Can you post a link to The Word Table? I'm not getting anywhere in Google searches.

We are in a similar boat and debating what switch to make to move away from Facebook comments. 

I'm extremely intrigued by the Talk project. It's now owned by Vox, but it was developed to serve The Washington Post and The New York Times. It's open source, but we don't have the development staff to build it in. I'm wondering if TownNews is considering this as a future option or if any customers have figured out how to integrate it on their sites.



Yes, yes, yes. The workflow thing is a huge issue for us, and I got the same response in a ticket about "working as intended."

I also have editors that basically have a never-ending box about an asset that no matter what they do, it doesn't go away. 

I did some major staff training on this issue to try to avoid unpublished assets and lost edits that have helped, but I agree that there is bug in the way this works.