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Ouch, Kevin! I know it's a super thorny problem for TN to solve, but it is definitely one that's going to get more urgent.

Hi Christine, just to circle back on this, we are starting to get several complaints from users traveling in the area. Could you provide an update when you get a chance? 

Also, have you (or anyone else) heard whether VPN software can allow the users to see sites? 

thanks, Rob

Thanks Christine. I know that a lot of it was in flux right up to the day of.

Well... I guess we'll see if commenting breaks in a couple months. Would make things peaceful at least. 

Thanks, Nick! Let us know what you hear.

I'm not really asking to do it through TownNews, just wondering if there's a one-stop solution that anyone's tried. Thanks though for the thoughts!

We haven't done Newsstand either. Same answer on the analytics as what Kevin gave, too.

Just personally for me, I'd put the Google AMP stuff we've talked about separately as no. 1, Apple below that and Google Newsstand not so much.

We would beta test.

I'm interested in the ANF question as well, we had been pushing the RSS feed from the beginning.

Hi Christine, thanks for the update. The question came up for us because our university has partnered with these folks: to use their technology to convert our pages to the AMP format in a limited test. I'll likely have some technical questions coming up as far as integrating it into our current site, but I'll send those through the proper channels.