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Hi Kyle -- we're still evaluating this and working through some possibilities. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Laura, 

We are very close to making an announcement. Thanks again for your patience! 

Kyle -- we've been considering type-ahead functionality in the business directory search panel. This would still require opening business directory from the calendar admin but it's meant to help query a business quickly. Would that solve this issue? 

Hi Laura! 

We are still working hard on offering sites the option to unblock EU/EEA traffic that Christine mentioned before.  We hope to roll this out in 1-2 weeks. We'll make an announcement once available. 

Thanks for your patience!

I've got an Idea ticket started which will require dev input before proceeding to feature / scheduling.  I'll let you know if there are any changes or issues as we go through this evaluation process.  

Thanks for your patience, Preston!

Hi Preston, 

Before I can create this feature request I'll need to better define the requirements.  I envision this workflow but welcome your feedback: 

1) Similar to existing Email Templates, a new email template 'approve-order' would be added.

2) Creating a new 'approve-order' template will not erase the 'default'.

3) "Notifications" settings in Publications & categories would now include "Approve order email template" setting.

4) Assigning a custom 'approve-order' email template will have to happen at the Publication and/or Category level similar to existing Email Templates.  

5) Depending on the pub/cat a user has purchased, the corresponding Email Template will generate in the "Approve an order" pop-up.

6) Recipients/Sender/Subject/External ID and Message can still be overridden by the admin. 


Hi Brad, 

The default calendar search applies a default start date/time of today.  

Removing that parameter to only show results for "calendar/search/?l=25&f=html" would display the priority order you're seeking.   

Otherwise, there are a few Calendar specific Utility Regions currently available where you could insert a custom block displaying these Featured Events.  We're working on applying a new region "Above Search Results" that will display a block below the calendar search block & above the search results.

This would allow you to create a block consisting of only "Featured Events" that always displays before the search results. 

Look for that addition in the next couple weeks!  

Hi Jeff, 

This can be disabled entirely by navigating to URL Page Properties for your business directory URL.  Under the Business settings you'll find the setting "Streetview Masthead" with the option to turn it off. 

Hi Marshall -- The expiring upsell notification emails do not currently include a link to the related item. This is something we can definitely add.  This would simply be a link to the event itself and if the author / creator of the event is logged in they will be prompted to purchase another upsell.

I'll create a feature request to add that link but I cannot guarantee an ETA at this time. For now, the user who purchased the upsell can purchase another from either the event landing page (if logged in) or from their user-dashboard while viewing their event details. 

Hi Pat - 

Upsell Manager cannot restrict the number of words or photos for an event.  

The self-service tool is designed to automatically apply properties (keywords, sections, priorities) to an event for purposes of prime placement throughout your site or print edition - homepage, newsletters, entertainment page, search results, etc. 

The value of the upsell is the promotion of a user's event your site rather than the number of words or photos a user is able to apply.