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function getUserDetails(){

                var userData = {'loggedIn': false, 'screenName': 'none'};

                    if (TNCMS.User.isLoggedIn() == true){

                             userData.loggedIn = true;

                              userData.screenName = TNCMS.User.getScreenName();


               return userData


OMG, this!  The notifier  app is overall a big improvement, but this drives me nuts.  Our standard workflow was to have stories written, tagged, and socializ-ed before editing, with the do not publish flag checked.  Way more efficient than what we have to do now because the notifier defaults to draft.

I'll second what Kevin said about the existing look and content of our emails.  Not necessarily because it's the best option, but it's what my boss wants :) 

In our case the email scrapes a template on our site that includes an image and a headline along with some branding.  All of it is a link to the asset we've flagged as breaking.  It would be great to replicate this functionality in the notifier -- would result in fewer after hours calls of "I can't remember how to send a breaking news email" at least :) 

I think you may want to run through it at least once more to see if it's not just some edge case that's affecting Robert and I (which would be the worst of all possible worlds, but totally could happen, especially with google's frequently undocumented breaking changes...)

And it'd be good to let readers sign up for notifications when they register for an account -- while we've got 'em in the box clicking mood :)  

I've got a way to do this if you've got Google Analytics and are willing to play with a bit of code.  Email me at aholder AT SIGN yakimaherald DOT com and I'll hook you up.

"do you see two firebaseadminsdk accounts?"

I do.  There's the one I created per the instructions, which has a slightly different name and the description I entered, and there's the other one with a generic name and no description.  

It turns out that generating a key from the generic one enables me to send push notifications.

Curiouser and curiouser....but at least it looks to be working ATM.

Hey Robert, am I correct that the key in your example is being generated for a service account different from the one manually created earlier in the process?

Yup... same here...exact same issue, exact same message. I can be pretty stupid, but I'm pretty sure I followed the directions correctly.  I'm seeing the same error message in the log.

Wowsa.  That's gotta be priority fix.  We're supposed to be adopting Total CMS this spring, and that would throw a major monkey wrench in our workflow.

Very slick.  And about what I'd have gone with, except for this conversation:

Ad person: "Yeah, we need a way to sell premiums associated with our reader's choice contest."

Web Monkey: "Sounds like a cool idea.  But isn't that promotion almost finished? The awards dinner is tomorrow."

Ad person: "Yeah, it's been great.  So you can build something by tomorrow afternoon, right?"

Web Monkey: "But it's already 4:30 p.m."

Ad person: "yeah, and?"

Web Monkey: Pours liquor, cries, opens text editor

Actual transcript :)

BTW, I love that your mission statement includes "make trouble"