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Yup, seems to be the case now, but in the past you could run a .gif as an image asset, like I did here:

and it worked fine.

Juxtapose J.S. works OK for me.  The PITA part is making it fit in column.

Thirded.  The way Blox URLs work now is a huge PITA, makes it tough to link, permalink, or deep link, and breaks one of the most basic UI conventions of the web.  Of course, it looks like it would take a major re-architect of the CMS to do it right, so I'm not holding my breath. 

TYVM...and nice job on all the design stuff


I'm having the same problem; asked at the webinar and was told to open a ticket. 

Haven't bothered yet.  Instead I just overrode the (IIRC) .tnt-parallax class with a "width: 100vw;"  

Works for now.  

If you look in the CSS the parallax class is set to 100% width, which is 100% of the container the parallax div is in, not 100% of the page.  Make sense?

The other thing you need to do with those is override the caption style or else it gets way too wide, looks ugly and worse is difficult to read.  I think I set it to max-width: 600px and bumped the font size down a hair compared to regular body text.


Thought I'd update this since we've launched the new designs.  I stole shamelessly from pretty much everyone who replied, so thanks everyone.  

The final results are at: and

They're not as great as they could be, but they're as great as they were going to get before deadline, and they're a lot better than they would be thanks to all your kind suggestions.

Well of course VOX has a great design, it's produced by the greatest journalism school in the world. M-I-Z-

Funny...I really don't like Technician. They've got most of a good design there, but they're missing enough little things that it adds up to ugly. On the other hand, I really like what the Iowa State Daily is doing online. It's not the design I'd choose for a daily, but it's a very nice magazine style design.

Thanks for the pointers, peeps.

One of the TN folks emailed me with some of the ones they like and use as examples when they demo flex. The best designed of those, IMHO:

OMG, this! This will save me five or ten minutes a week...which doesn't sound like much, but are 5-10 incredibly frustrating minutes.

Another excellent feature would be drag and drop uploading -- it's not a new or rare feature, it's pretty standard, and it's usually clear cut how to implement