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Andrea, thanks for your reply! Can you share an example of the RSS link you used for your WHIZ feeds? I have not been able to get the 's=priority' to work at all - even in the simplest of strings.


I'm curious - has this image issue happened to anyone pushing content via the Broadcast tool? Or only via posting links manually?

So - I tried changing the pub date in the actual article asset that was generated for me via the assignment tool....hoping that it would ripple a change of the publication date throughout the assignment and budget - but it cannot be changed. I'm going to file a ticket.

Thanks Marcus.

I also just discovered the bug wherein you cannot alter the pub date - - only the due date. Unless I'm missing something. I went back to my own previous tests where I assigned myself something but I was unable to change that date.

Perhaps another idea - flag how long in time the asset in question has been locked. If it's been locked for more than a few hours, you know it is safe to right-click and unlock the asset to make your edits. Example: "Locked by since 12:30 pm 03/21/2016".

Jon - I just did submit it with multiple requests.... Thanks so much!

This is a great thread!

Another few features that I will surely put a ticket in on to ask for are: the ability to 'expand' the list of assignments so that you can read the assignment's description - similar to how you can expand a list of assets to view their details as well.

Here are some more:

Can we also have a column that we can turn on that shows the PAGE that the story is assigned to?

In thinking that the "Budget View" might be the answer to our problems, we are having issues with accessing it. We have located the webinar that relates to this but are not quite sure that it is working for us, unless we are missing something...

I appreciate anyone's input, other suggestions and support on how these features could be useful going forward.

Thank you so much for your feedback - I feel certain that these issues will be considered!