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Either is fine with me. My memory was telling me the site was at the end, though. 

We do have one site address that is pretty long -- it would probably push Editorial/Asset out of view. 

We still have a few freelancers who blog for us using Blogger.  Getting them (and the blog content) into Blox would be great! 

Thanks, Nick.

Could the calendar not live in Site A, and then Site B would just pull in HTML from the Site A block? Would that not work?

Hi, Rob, 

I did not catch this when you first posted it, but found it while I was searching for something else. 

Anyhow, we (kind of) do merchandising through SecondStreet. We have a "Scenes of the Tri-State" gift gallery at 

If you click on an image and then the products tab, you can see we sell mouse pads, coffee mugs, coasters and more. We don't get many orders, but we do get a few. 

(I would steer clear of the T-shirts with them, though. The test product we ordered was not good.) 

Anyhow, I don't know if that is what you were looking for or not, but I thought I would throw it out there. 

Take care!


Ah, my bad. I thought it looked like Blox video.


Hi, Christine,

I am not familiar with VAST DFP at all. I know Blox has video ad capability. Is that the same thing? Or do we need a VAST DFP?

As we currently have NO video ads, I would not be opposed to joining a network. As part of that, though, we would like some control over what ads are shown (we have been bitten by local politicians bypassing us to buy Google ads that appear on our site).

We would also want the ability to ad our own ads in the future (and to have their priority higher than any network ads).

As I mentioned, we are just starting to think more about video and video ads.



I was looking at your site ( You definitely do a good amount of video.

It's interesting that you don't use YouTube at all. Blox definitely has come a long way with video, so we might explore going Blox-only.

I also liked how you used photos and audio to build a promo video for a Sunday story (

One video is of the passenger being dragged off of the United Airlines flight. I noticed that it a Blox video, not something you are bringing in from YouTube. What are your thoughts on that, as I have always thought it was a legal gray area to download and use videos without permission instead of embedding them?


We don't do enough videos to sell ads, either. That's why they want us to start doing more video.

Ah, I thought it was already automated. Coding like that is a bit above my knowledge base. :) Good luck!