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Might be an OS thing then. Running Ind17 with the 5.12.80 Blox plugin version on Yosemite.

Just call me envious that you can do that with Asset Manager.

I'm curious how you got asset manager to stay sticky to a position on the opposite monitor?

We haven't been able to get that to stick in place.

Will that improvement also allow the slugs to upload rather than wiping them out like it does now?

Just to kick in, but a lot of those additions that Lindy has requested are similar to the reasons we haven't been using Assignments except for special sections.

Getting the due date straightened out from pub date in notification emails was helpful.

It's got so much potential as a practical newsroom tool where you wouldn't have to bop back and forth between whatever other program is being used to as a pseudo nrms (newsroom management system)

We actually duplicate the story and its children when it goes in another pub we handle.

While we could simply add the site tag and the category tags specific to each pub's site, there is the headline issue you mentioned. The bigger concern was giving different editors the flexibility to prioritize photos, add their own breakouts, and in some cases change references to match their pub's style book where there might be differences, without impacting someone else's work.

It does create an issue to make sure edits get made in both places, but we put an up front editing emphasis on that content before duplicating.