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The ability to exclude sections or flags from searches would be awesome!

Do you have a Google site verification code? It's 40 characters long and made up of letters and numbers. If you have that, you can go to the Page customizations for the top level page on your site. Under the Meta Data section, there is a Google site verification field. That's where you enter that code. That will create the google-site-verification meta tag for you.

It's a block that's available in the Flex templates.

I just tried the Uiltity: Breadcrumbs block on a test page, and that was allowed in the utility region. There's no page heading with it. It's just the breadcrumbs.

We aren't using this on articles, but isn't there a Utility: Breadcrumbs block that you could use in one of the utility regions?

We're looking at launching a puzzles area on our site in the next couple of weeks. We haven't found any good free puzzle options, but we'd be interested in any ones that others can recommend. We've resorted to creating our own puzzles. So far we have hangman, slider puzzles, alphametics and nonograms.

We've used Shopify for the occasional merchandise that we've had for sale. We've also used it for print subscription sales. I haven't worked with it personally, so I can't really tell you much about how it's set up or how easy it is to use. It might be worth looking at though.

We were just talking about the need for this today.

We use Hearken for our We the People section on our site.

I don't know if this is any help, but I just did some quick testing. It looks like you may need to put the animated gif file into a directory where you can access it, for example in your /app directory. Then create an HTML asset that that displays that image. This would allow you to add that HTML asset to your story.

I think to add it to a section front or the homepage, you would need to put it in an HTML block or a block that displays a full asset, either the full HTML asset or the full article asset with the HTML asset child and show inline assets selected in the block settings. You could also create a Utility: Text promo and put the HTML img tag in the content settings for that block. 

It looks like just trying to save the animated gif as an image asset or preview image results in the gif becoming corrupted. At least that's what happened when I tried to save one as an image asset.