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You already can disable reactions on individual stories. It's on the "other" tab along with the "do not publish" box.

Some of the responses here sound a heck of a lot like the "decaying flags" feature request I put in years ago, Christine.

Maybe a URL custom property under the advertising section. "Show Top Instory Ad after ___ paragraphs" and "Show Middle..." and "Show Bottom...."

Sites could set their desired settings, and if the article wasn't long enough to trigger them, the lower ads wouldn't show. You could set the custom property to zero for them to be turned on all the time.

I suppose we could customize our own templates to prevent this, but it does seem like a feature that should be baked in, perhaps as a URL custom property of some kind.

It would be presumptive of TownNews to not display the ads on a site b/c of the asset length — some papers may take offense at that. But giving us the built-in option would be good.

Most of the non-AP assets on our NFL page are from the Content Exchange. You can see what they look like live on a site there. You can preview the content available on the CE here:

Totally agree. This would be pretty easy to implement too. It could be made into a URL custom property that would set a threshold length in words or characters for an asset to get in-asset ads.

Are there more of these super-awesome, never-before-seen-by-me Google Docs containing detailed technical information for Blox??

We're still getting reports of the issue from customers. Any word on whether any of these fixes have been put into place yet?

What code do you need to add to your site, and do you have a template-certified person locally to do it for you?

What do you mean by social embeds? Like tweets?