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The icon "saves" an article. Users have to go to their dashboards to configure their lists and manage their saved items.

This would be excellent. The article interface in Flex should have more than just the heart icon it currently has, perhaps a dropdown where users can select one of their existing lists or create a new one.

Bonus points for integration with Email Reach so that it can automatically send out emails reminding people of their to-read list items.

This happens all the time. I've had more than a couple tickets in on it.

Just do a template search for "opt_" in the template editor. You'll see where all the hooks are.

I don't know what she's talking about. But if you look at the templates for live e-editions in Flex, they contain the opt_assetContentTop() and opt_assetContentBottom() hooks, though I haven't seen the bottom one work correctly yet. I have been able to insert test content into the top one.

Well, you can insert ads into the e-edition with opt_ hooks available at the top and bottom of the templates. We are thinking about doing that since our e-edition accounts for a large number of our sessions.

I should add we get around this by keeping a URL directory on our site that's strictly used for testing purposes. It's a name that the public generally wouldn't type in, so it won't get seen by too many people. It's not a perfect solution since it's still technically live on the Web, but it works for our needs.

We asked TN this years ago and were told, essentially, no. You'd have to pay for a second site for that. Maybe their policy has changed since then?

I have long pushed our paper to do this. We would have arranged to somehow do it manually through Blox. However, there hasn't been a serious interest in doing it among the circ and ad people.

It does make sense to try to make money out of the no-ad movement rather than let the ad blockers take money from us.