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Except when Christine uses them during webinar demos ;)
OK, search master, what other searches have a "property_" prefix? 
I think a quiz app or asset would be a great idea. Something that could integrate quickly into the editorial side of the site for easy creation of new quizzes. 
Can you just use the Unix time and subtract 30 days? 

newdate = asset.starttime('U') - (30*3600);
echo newdate | datetime('Y, n, j, G, i, s'); 

It's not exactly one "month" but it's pretty close.
I don't recall any specific command to search by byline like you can with "type" and "tag_section" or "tag_keyword" in the asset editor. I've tried every command I can think of too...
Is there a definitive list somewhere of ALL the asset custom properties?
Will this new rollout massively change the way things work in the template language now? I built in a way to use Blox's weather app to do this automatically and it'd be great to know if the UTL's going to change. 

I'd be interested in chatting with you about it if you've got time, Christine. 
I have this working on my site using the API Blox provides for weather. It works well, though I certainly don't have it set up for "real time."
And then I suppose I should log in with the open ID system I used originally and post the comment again with my "real" identity.

I suppose I might as well update this to say that since I posted this, I have worked out a Disqus component and have implemented Disqus on our site -- alongside Blox comments on a separate tab. I even modified a few macros and got it working on Touch5, so we are standardized between the different platforms with Disqus.
Right after I got off the phone with support, I refreshed again and the icon showed back up. Go figure.