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As is the cog icon, now that I think about it. 
I am. It's missing in all browsers for me.
You're just stealing that collections idea from my feature request ticket from last year! ;)
I have implemented an asset custom property I call the "web hed" in some of my custom blocks. Seems that's about the idea you're talking about, Christine. 
Disqus does support banning IP addresses in its admin backend, which might help with that concern over banning users. I imagine under this system most of the comment administration will happen in Disqus' system anyhow, unless you're planning on somehow linking the Blox comment moderation app to Disqus -- seem slike a lot of work. 
I have a support ticket in on the single sign on issue with Disqus already. It's kind of dead-ended at Patrick who said he'd look into it if there was time but that it wasn't any kind of priority. I can post another thread here though. 
As I've suggested to TN in the past, it would be great if they'd integrate Disqus single sign on with Blox authentication and let us choose Disqus as a commenting option, much as we can choose Facebook.