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Just to make sure I understand... you're saying that you'd like to be able to "@" someone in a post that you're typing in BLOX Notifier. Then, when it goes to Facebook or Twitter, it becomes a tag to that person's account. If the tags are different, you'd have to send a different message to Facebook versus Twitter, etc.

And, separately, you want support for Calendar and Classifieds to be able to be sent into Notifier.

The counts are there, they are just hidden by default. You can use CSS to display them or move them around:

.tnt-chart-bar text.tnt-chart-count {
    display: block;
.tnt-chart-bar text.tnt-chart-percent {
    display: none;

If you display both, they will essentially be on top of each other, so you'll have to use CSS to move one of them around.

Hi John!

Can you describe a little more about your use case? For example, if you're just making a small text change, and don't want to declare it as a real update, you can use this feature:

We have testers for both initiatives now, thank you! If anyone reads this in the future ... we no longer need beta testers, but if you are interested in these issues, please contact us! Thanks!

Hi guys!

We have now added more logic to our "automated" photo sales option. See this updated doc:

We have also added the ability to turn off photo sales per section (via custom properties), as well as batch update photo sales.

Hope this helps!


I would just like to mention again that we do have page schedules...

When you create a new schedule, it starts with the existing page, and then you can just move/add one or two new blocks. Those block changes would happen just during the specific time frame.

I think that this would meet the needs of most of the use cases provided.

Hi Alex!

An asset that has published changes will update automatically within moments - you just have to contend with any related caching time (including browser cache).

On front and index pages, where the asset must get through additional layers of caching, it may take longer.

However, please see this help article on how to speed up page updates for breaking and important news:

I just noticed you mentioned a ticket number, and it was actually just assigned to me. So I will be forwarding it on to the appropriate folks. =)

A few things to note:

1. The pricing sheet changes quite a bit due to feedback from customers, data trends and testing, and changes to vendor pricing. I think that one is still in effect, but we change the pricing (for all accounts) several times a year. We announce any changes in our weekly release note emails. But, I'm specifically mentioning this for future generations who read this email, please note that the pricing may have changed.

2. As mcgregora mentioned, in order to switch old photos to "disabled" the mass batch editing feature is great. I would highly recommend you do a batch to turn off ones in specific sections or with specific bylines (or even ALL photos). Then, you can strategically re-enable some that you know will work - such as photos posted by a specific photographer, or photos in a specific section (which you can search for and then perform a batch on those searches).

That being said, by far the majority of photos are going to be ones that are recent, so you're probably not missing a lot by just enabling photo sales going forward.

However, we are working on a few projects to try to make finding and purchasing older photos easier for end users. We will have a special search function (which will only find "enabled" photos) that you will be able to use which will allow you to create special searches to promote certain photos, and they may contain older photos as well. For example:

- Historical photos about the area

- Promoting more photos about a specific prep sports team from a current article

- Scenic photos around town of landmarks or nature (imagine someone buying framed photos of Yellowstone for their living room makeover)

- Previous graduation photos promoted from this year's gallery (or prom, etc.)

- Posters or graphics made by the paper to promote an event (like Best of the Region, 100th anniversary of the town, etc.) that people might want to hang in their office, etc.

We actually see a good deal of people who buy really nice framed photos of a particular theme in order to use in decorating. Pictures of nature, pictures of animals, etc. are very popular. The most popular photos are prep sports, graduation, prom, and then community shots. But scenic photos are next.

3. As mcgregora also mentioned, I believe the "disabled by default" issue has been addressed. So if you are still having this issue, please submit a ticket. There are now ways to make this happen in all situations, I believe. It might require some changes as mcgregora mentioned.