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Yes, we have many sites that use external systems to scrape our email newsletter pages.

There are two important functions that our integrated solution takes care of for you that may pop up if you use our pages with an external system:

1. There are sometimes JavaScript or tracking information included in the templates (which are not appropriate for emails). Our system removes this automatically, so you may need to ask an external system to do that.

2. Our system creates special pages to help get breaking news out as quickly as possible (by creating a specialized version of the article page for email). It is possible that if you are using an external system to scrape BLOX pages, you may have issues with caching or may need to do cache busting to ensure you're getting an un-cached page.

Let me know if you have more questions about this!


Hi Tom!

I think this is a great idea!

As a temporary measure, however, just making sure you realize that if you hover over the icon you see a mini-popup? Not as user friendly as your idea, but good to know if you didn't. =)

Hi Andrea!

If you are asking specifically about page reprints, we are in discussions with Fotomoto about this now. We need to test this and make sure the image size is appropriate, and if so, it will be available within e-Edition, or by uploading front page images.

If you are asking about a "photo store" option in BLOX, this is something you can do just by creating a special URL and showcasing photos that can be sold.

Here is an example:

That is done by creating several blocks showing images from the X section that have photo sales enabled.

I then used the "promo button" block to create a link to a search results page to see more of photos from that section. The ps=1 in the search query means to only show items with photo sales enabled.

You can also use other block layouts for this.