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Hi Jeff! Great, sounds like you got it figured out! Of course, you'll need your AP username and password, but yes, you can create an automatic importer to pull in content based on any set of rules. =)

Hi Kathy! It is easy! We use Bootstrap visibility classes. Check out this doc:

So in this case, you would add visible-xs (for just smartphones, mostly) to the "CSS class" area of the block.

Hi Rob!

I spoke with our systems department about this - it seems as though that server is being flagged as a bot (we have many rules in place to help protect sites from invalid traffic, attacks, or bad bots). If you submit a ticket to our Customer Support department, they can work with you on possible ways to identify your requests so they are not throttled. Let me know if that makes sense! Thanks!

Hi Jeff!

You'll need to send a ticket to our Customer Support team, and ask that you have the "entitlement" for Associated Press installed. They will send it through our permission system and it will add this software to your site. AP has asked that we keep track of who is using their software in this way.

Once installed, you'll need your AP username and password, and then it will provide you with the feeds to which your account is authorized.

Hope this helps! Thanks! =)

Hi Nick!

On the desktop, we use IP address and, as you have experienced, it is really sketchy. You may be going through a VPN and that will also make things really crazy. On mobile, we use the device location, which is a lot better.

That being said, if you are looking at doing more advanced advertising techniques, I would recommend Google DFP. We have built-in integration with it, and everything is relatively easy to set up. And they have a free version! :)

Other parts of the URL would be indeed difficult, but the part in the middle (where the title is) is virtualized, so it can be changed. =)

As I was typing this, I could hear Kyle's voice in my head saying, "This is great, but can it be set with the title automatically?" So, I've added a request for that. I will let you know whether it is difficult or if it may be added.

A URL title field will be included in a future release (due out in a few months).

It is empty by default, indicating BC behavior.

Then you just type in some words, like "one two three four" and then at save time it cleans them up to "clean-two-three-four." That is then used as the asset title in the URL (if you have titles in URLs enabled).

This "URL Title" is then frozen, regardless of whether the headline changes.

All references to this URL (such as links from front pages, etc.) would use this new URL.

Again, the dev is done on this and it is about to go to QA.. so it will probably be available in Q2.

Let me know what you think!