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There are several different ways to do this:

- Tell your breaking news block to only show items that are less than 2 hours old. So whenever a article is two hours away from its start time, it will be removed from the block automatically. This is great when you are OK with all breaking news being promoted for the same period of time. If there is an edge case that needs to be online for longer, use can use a pinned asset with a schedule.

- Add an archived date to your breaking news article, and then create a rule on your breaking news block that doesn't show items that are archived. This is helpful when you want to have custom "expiration" times on a per-article basis.

- Use a pinned asset that has a scheduled time to unpin. You can use this in combination with the above two solutions.

- Create a new schedule which shows the breaking news block for a period of time. This is likely overly complicated since you'd have to go into the block editor to create a schedule. This is more likely to be useful for recurring events (like afternoon updates or Friday night prep sports) rather than breaking news. But, if there was a big specialized layout with multiple blocks for the breaking news initiative, a scheduled layout may be helpful.

With all that being said, we are looking into new ways to indicate "alerts" and things along those lines. For example, if you find a breaking news article from 2013, it will still say BREAKING next to it, or it may even say that in the headline. Those are things that are still in discussion.

I'll have to check into this more... Other than creating two accounts... it looks like our Here maps integration will be available as soon as next week.

Yeah, so it looks like I need to change the instructions to not create a new service account, but assume that one is already there! We had two people run through this as a test and it seemed to work... but perhaps they just chose the other account randomly. =)

As a side note, I am working on a few new blocks or promos that will ask for Notification sign ups at other places in the site. For example, at the bottom or in the middle of articles, or maybe even a popup overlay (a popup overlay that you have to agree to, which then triggers a browser permission popup).

Let me know if you have any thoughts along these lines.

I think that's part of the issue Aidian... if you go to your manage service account permissions area, do you see two firebaseadminsdk accounts? 

I think when you click on service accounts, in Robert's screen below, it is generating a key from the service account that is connected to your firebase. So, that may be a more clear way of instructing you on how to do it.

It also could be that Firebase is automatically creating a service account at some point. It didn't do this before, but if it is doing that now, that should be the only account you need.

Hey Robert, would you mind giving me ready only access to your firebase? cmasters at townnews dot com. Generating a key should be the same in both places, as long as it is connected to your firebase project.

We'll still allow it on our "Social Links" blocks, and stuff like that (though I'll need to remove Google+) but I will go ahead and remove it from the user profile data.

As you know that's not available right now... I can ask if this is something we can look at though!

Some groups didn't have access when we very first rolled out the BLOX Notifier product, so that may have also been confusing (in addition to the name change, as Kevin said). But it should now be available!

With the BLOX Notifier product, you can schedule your posts to go out automatically, or you can still create messages from within the editorial asset in the Other > Notifier panel.

I assume you're talking about in the BLOX admin, not on the front end, right? There are some additional parameters on the front-end search such as nfl=breaking (not flagged breaking), and several others, listed here:

One other thought... if there is a search that is 'difficult' - meaning, perhaps maybe you can create a not search by selecting everything else but the thing you want to exclude, and then create a saved search for that. Obviously, this is tedious to do each time, but maybe having a saved search can help.

That being said, we do have a feature request on the roadmap to do something like an "advanced search" which would allow for more complex combined queries. I'll ask about a red "x" type thing in the interface.

We can definitely look at this. I appreciate the feedback.

A few things:

- Obviously we want to try to keep the general aesthetic with the "flat" icons and so forth, but that doesn't mean they can't be improved or tweaked.

- We did experiment with them being all different colors (red, green, blue, yellow, etc.) and it was super distracting (in my opinion) and much harder to "read."

- I do think a small percentage of the issue is also muscle memory... your brain isn't used to it yet so it stumbles on some things that normally you would be able to immediately grasp without effort.

All that being said, I think image and PDF is a good example of something we could look at tweaking in order to increase visual differentiation between them. I'll do some thinking and experimentation on this side, if anyone has more thoughts let me know!