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Can you give me a few examples of this?

i.e. you have a special workflow for the Sports department, and articles created by the sports team would start off in that default Sports department workflow?

Hi Jeff!

This should be resolved now. Let me know if you have any additional issues!

Hi Jared!

We do have the ability to integrate with a custom WSI implementation - you need an API key and a clientID from WSI and then that's gets entered into our system. Then, you can use the standard  BLOX display widgets but they are populated with your custom data.

We are considering an integration with Barron (I think you and I have a meeting Monday to discuss?) but it isn't available yet.

Hi there!

Can you give me a specific use case for this? What are you trying to do?

We do have an "archive" time... this will remove it from certain blocks, but it will still be available on the front end in a search, etc.

Hi guys!

Yes we disabled the ability to promote a user account to an admin temporarily, but that should be working again now.

If you are still having any issues, please submit a support ticket for our Customer Service team, they will be able to help you out quickly. =)

Hi Marshall!

There is not a way to turn off the headline now. However, note that the headline is still used in many places throughout the site, such as on some auxiliary block, search results, social media, og tags, etc. So, I would think of the hammer headline as an extra graphical highlight, but you still need a good main headline.

Just to make sure I understand... you're saying that you'd like to be able to "@" someone in a post that you're typing in BLOX Notifier. Then, when it goes to Facebook or Twitter, it becomes a tag to that person's account. If the tags are different, you'd have to send a different message to Facebook versus Twitter, etc.

And, separately, you want support for Calendar and Classifieds to be able to be sent into Notifier.

The counts are there, they are just hidden by default. You can use CSS to display them or move them around:

.tnt-chart-bar text.tnt-chart-count {
    display: block;
.tnt-chart-bar text.tnt-chart-percent {
    display: none;

If you display both, they will essentially be on top of each other, so you'll have to use CSS to move one of them around.

Hi John!

Can you describe a little more about your use case? For example, if you're just making a small text change, and don't want to declare it as a real update, you can use this feature:

We have testers for both initiatives now, thank you! If anyone reads this in the future ... we no longer need beta testers, but if you are interested in these issues, please contact us! Thanks!