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Hey Mike, can you add Disqus as a separate request item on here? That way, if I want to put it into a different status, it isn't tied to other features. In fact... that's true for most of these items Simon (if they are broken apart, we could provide updates on individual items more easily.) Unless they are very closely tied together, of course...

Hi there!

They are just sections and can be added in Settings -> Tags and then under Calendar. 

Our customer support would be happy to help you set this up. Please contact our customer support team at 800-293-9576, or by submitting a request via our ticketing system. Thanks!


We use sub-categories (sub-sections) within the Calendar section for that. You can use them to search, you can use them to create different blocks (to promote events in other sections), or to help users categorize their events upon submission.

Here is an example of the category dropdown on our main Calendar search:

Here is an example of the drop down Patrick describes. I previously entered Abel-keppy and Adriana's as Businesses in other events, and now those are pre-populated for my user session. =) If you need to re-use other properties on the event (more than just venue), or re-create events from previous sessions, consider Aaron's method.

Note however that if you're using the Business Directory, finding and adding businesses is easy. Click to add business information, and then at the top you see "find."

Instead of typing in the information every time, instead just look up the business and add it. It will type in all of the information for you!

As a side note (mostly for future tickets because this one is already "planned"), feel free to click on the little votes bubble to vote for tickets. It is a great way to let us know you agree with certain ideas, and helps us prioritize requests.

So, if you both voted on this, it would currently have a count of "2" - which is pretty good for the first day we launched the community. =)

Hi Natalie! Nice to see you here! =)

As I said in my last update, we are actually done with development on this, but it was rejected from QA because of some unresolved issues with unpublished images. At this point I can't give an ETA because I'm not sure how easy it will be to resolve those issues.

I will try to update this ticket when I have more information. Feel free to subscribe using the link to the right (it says "notifications" then Subscribe). If you subscribe on the front page, it will email you about everything. If you click Subscribe within an individual ticket, you'll get emails about that one particular ticket.

Hope this helps! =)