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I actually made a thing for this while I worked at BH Media (which I no longer work for).

Not sure if they use it now, but it originally just used the AP API, and then I added support for pulling info from the Virginia State Board of Elections and then Oklahoma's XML files.

When I left, there was a PHP library that had a common-denominator object model for elections (which would spit out the same structure no matter the source) with the ability to add custom election sources for importing.

The JSON was stored on the /app directories, then handled by blocks that used JS and Handlebars to render HTML.

You should be able to export them in Editorial->Assets and exporting them, right?

The effort to do the above seems kind of like a stretch, no? Especially when private mode is easier and gets the job done (most) of the time.

The better effort would probably be spent finding more paying subscribers and providing value to them.

It’s probably a bad ad. Have you tried the site using adblocker or contacting whoever handles ads?

IIRC, this is available now, correct?

Hi Christine!

Great question; I had to look into this again, as it's been some time :)

Anyway, I think I mis-wrote this. The code seems to always pull from "main-nav",

Though "main-nav" can be the mobile nav as well depending on the Layout / Navigation settings in the URL's Page customizations, that's not always the case.

One example is that the "Mobile navigation style" can change this using the "Mobile pattern / Wireframe grid" page customization setting in Blox.

So--depending on the settings above--another region such as "mobile-nav-left" would be the mobile/slide-out menu / navigation region. Since the AMP menu slides out in a similar, it would make sense for the 2 to share the same nav items, etc.

So, in essence, "main-nav" is hard-coded in the AMP templates for Blox for mobile menu navigation, but it's not always the case for regular Blox webpages.

If TN implements something like my feature request ( ), this and other applications will be much easier to make natively in TN!

That way, TN can focus on their main product Blox CMS, and keeping it reliable on heavy loads etc. (that is one plus compared to my previous job handling the full stack), and we would be able to quickly and reliably spring up stuff to try to see what sticks as far as advertising/news stuff goes.

The problem is 2 fold: you can't know what you don't know, and no one has really figured out all the new opportunities for reliably making money online with news sites like ours. So making Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) is key.

On the other hand, every line of code you write is an asset, and TN (understandably) does not want to dump time and money into every new concept and feature request, as that's more potential technical debt to maintain. Given that some new concepts may not work (see above), that's not really desirable for Town News.

So, the ability to quickly/reliably build up/tear down concepts based on arbitrary content types (which we sort of alreayd have with classified/editorial assets and businesses, etc.) would be ideal.

HI Wm!

I didn't mean the region. I think you can replace Bridal with <span class="bridal">Bridal</span> (or something like that), and it will work.

Do you mean in the nav regions and some blocks with menus?

If I recall right, you can add a <span> with a class in the link text, and it renders as HTML (with the class). You could try it that way and see if it works.

For anyone looking at this now, it is supported!