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We've been using the platform in St. Louis about a year now. It's a bit of a challenge now during pandemic. We originally left on feeds from eventbrite and ticketmaster to populate a robust calendar, but now those events are cancelled and the feed had not been updating with cancellation. Overall though, and in normal times, the platform worked well and had opportunity for upsell. some difficulty for folks wanting to promote items that took place over multiple days, and they say they are working on making that easier. 

BTW, having any kind of AP coverage on national races ... especially battle for president and battle for congress would be appreciated. We would really like the dynamic map updating the presidential race state by state on election night. AP had provided in past but that is pretty expensive.

We have a cadillac local version, designed by Josh Renaud here. It Pulls in results from county jurisdictions and statewide from Sec. of State. It's missing the national numbers however.
Among the functionality on the end... showing winners when results are over... showing % of precincts that are in ... calculating winners on races that are 5/7 or 2/3 majority ... and as mentioned earlier ... ability to embed individual race widgets on home page. 

Thanks Aidan and Rich. I've put in a support ticket request. Our instant article stories have begun appearing with a "subscribe" button on them. Since that button does not work, I've had to close down the instant article feed.

I wanted to bump this one, as we are moving down the road with Field 59 and other video elements. It seems like we would need an easier way to display videos as a lede item in the story. Currently the only option for doing that is to drag the video inline and then drag every other photo attached to the story inline somewhere. That could be really tedious, especially on wire stories that constantly are updated by the AP. (For example, if you wanted a hurricane video channel to stay atop the hurricane stories.

It seems like a couple of options. 1. Have the top video, youtube (or html asset with the #video tag) default as the top item on a story. related photos would then be placed inline as a gallery or at the bottom of the story as a gallery. (where videos currently go if they aren't dragged in line). 2. On some channels enable an top-of-story utility position that could host a smart video player or video playlist like sendtonews or NDN ... when using that position, photos would default to the same spot as on No. 1. ... Instead of having a bunch of game photos from an NFL game, i would match rather see game highlights at the top. Better user experience and more $$$.

I didn't put in a ticket request because i want to see how others would use this. 

Thanks Christine! Many thumbs-up for this one.